Upcoming changes to Payment Capture

As part of the upcoming improvements to the payments system, the authorize and capture settings on the sales order will be removed. This will now be a part of the payment term.

Why this change?

Prior to this, the payment term and capture settings could be conflicting. For example, you could set Net30 as the term and forget to change the capture settings to manual.

With the new approach, capturing payments before an invoice is considered an advance payment term with the remainder being due immediately and the payment capture setting will control when the amount is captured.

Who is impacted

If you capture payments within Fulfil or use Fulfil for wholesale and consumer business, this change impacts you.


At the moment, the settings that control when a charge happens is handled at the order level. The defaults on the order level are applied from the sales channel which also has the same default fields.

Payment term changes.png

The migration would automatically create payment terms for settings discovered on the channels if they are different from the settings on the existing payment term of the channel.